Intermediate Capital Group

Intermediate Capital Group


Intermediate Capital Group is a specialist asset manager looking after around €33bn of assets in third party funds and proprietary capital, principally in closed end funds. The company invests in private equity, debt and credit and also provides mezzanine finance on an international basis.  It now operates from 14 locations in 13 countries including the UK, USA, Germany, France , Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore. 

Company In Brief

At 11 December 2018

Share price: 950p

Market capitalisation: £2.75bn

Adjusted prospective p/e ratio: 9.4x

Prospective dividend yield: 4.0%


In the six months to 30 September, assets under management increased by 17% to €33.6bn and group profit before tax rose by 30% to £124m.  Earnings per share were 32% higher at 43.6p and the interim dividend was raised 11% to 10p.  These were excellent results and these were accompanied by an encouraging outlook statement.

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