What We Do

brokerlink is a paid for research service that allows quoted companies to communicate and engage with both existing and future investors.  This is achieved by providing professionally written research notes on the company which can then be easily disseminated by the company to any interested parties.  These notes are also distributed by Brokerlink to a wide range of organisations and individuals who follow or are involved directly with the stockmarket. These can include stockbrokers, fund managers, media contacts and a variety of online platforms as well as individual investors themselves. The notes are also published and promoted through this website. 


Although the service can be used by any quoted company (including those on AIM) it is primarily aimed at smaller companies which suffer from a lack of research coverage and exposure to investors.  As a result, these companies are often overlooked by investors even though they still have a compelling story to tell.  Many smaller companies find that the only research published on them is provided by their own corporate broker and, even then, this is only circulated to a relatively small number of institutional investors.

The research notes

The research notes which we prepare are deliberately concise so that the reader can gain an insight into the company being covered quickly and easily.  The information provided will include a summary of the group’s activities, details of its financial history and estimates of the company’s profits and earnings for future years.

How We Do It

The research notes are prepared by us using information that is generally freely available.  This can be from the company’s own website or other sources.  In terms of financial forecasts, we will use forecasts that are available in the market so that we are in line with other analysts. With this information at hand we can usually prepare a note within a few days, crucial if a client company needs a note publishing to coincide with its interim or annual results.

If this is the case, then to speed up the process we are used to being made insiders as we are both authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Results can therefore be supplied to us in confidence before they are released to the market to enable the note to be prepared.

It is also important to point out that no notes are distributed without approval by the client company and embargoes can be applied if required.

The impact of regulation

The introduction of MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II) on 3 January 2018 has changed the way in which stock market research is regulated.  Under the new Europe-wide regulations, the costs of research and trading need to be split out and clearly identified when charged to a client.  The effect of this has been a reduction in the amount of research produced in general, with smaller quoted companies particularly affected.  This makes it even harder than ever for small companies to attract the attention of investors or potential investors.

Talk to us about researching your company and let us explain how it can help your exposure and liquidity.