Who Are We

brokerlink is a paid for research service that allows quoted companies to engage with potential or existing investors, whether they be institutional investors or individuals.  

Established in 1995, Simon Flather started the business following a conversation with a director of a small quoted company who was frustrated that the company’s share price was so low.  Since then, the service has been used by over 225 quoted companies, ranging from companies in the FTSE 100 Share Index to small companies either on AIM or in the lower reaches of the main market. 

Simon Flather FCA FCSI

Simon is a Chartered Accountant having qualified with what is now KPMG in 1981. He subsequently worked as a stockbroker at Rensburg (now Investec Wealth and Investment) becoming a partner in 1988.  He left in 1993 to set up Independent Financial Publications and brokerlink was launched two  years later

Chris Bragg BA (Hons) Chartered FCSI

Chris has been involved in the stockbroking industry since 2003, working in both corporate finance and also as an investment manager at Old Mutual and Hedley & Co. He holds a degree in economics from Leeds University.

Sarah Mann - Client Liaison

Sarah has worked at brokerlink for over 10 years and is responsible for customer/client liaison.  Sarah also provides administrative support for to the business.

brokerlink is a trading name of Independent Financial Publications, a business which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.