Why retail investors matter?

Although most quoted companies will have a number of large shareholders (normally institutional investors such as pension funds or fund management groups), most day to day trading in the shares of the company will be done by private or retail investors.

For smaller quoted companies it is these investors who will influence the share price of the company to a large degree as they are the ones buying and selling on a day to day basis, however it is also this group that see the least exposure to your company.

It is important therefore for companies to ensure that this group of investors is catered for in your communications and kept up to date with developments at the company.

A brokerlink note is an easy, cost-efficient way of doing this and each note is written with the investor squarely in mind.

There are over 1m trades carried out daily on the London Stock Exchange (source: LSE Monthly Market Report) with the vast majority of these transactions being undertaken by private/retail investors.

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