Anpario Plc

Anpario Plc

Anpario is an international producer and distributor of high performance natural feed additives for animal health, hygiene and nutrition.  These are mainly used in animal food for poultry, swine and cattle.  The group operates globally and imports/exports to over 80 countries.  In 2020, 38% of group revenue was generated in Asia, with 29% from Europe, 24% from the Americas and 9% from the Middle East and Africa.

Company in brief


The company has recently announced excellent annual results for 2020 and these were a record for the group.  Despite the impact of Covid-19, both revenues and profits increased and strong cash flow led to net cash balances of £15.8m at the year end, an increase of £2.0m over the previous year despite undertaking a share buyback of £1.0m during the year.  The current year has started well and, operating in a growing market, further positive progress seems assured.

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